(NEW) GE CASE Stress Test System Controller v 6.7

(NEW) GE CASE Stress Test System Controller v 6.7



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  • ECG analysis frequency: 500 Hz
  • ST measurements: amplitudes, slope, integral, index, ST/HR hysteresis, ST/HR slope, ST/HR loops, ST/HR index up to 15 leads.
  • ECG output: Real-time ECG/QRS beep/TTL synchronization output
  • Heart rate: Automatic arrhythmia detection, documentation, and annotation
  • Full-disclosure ECG: Beat-to-beat ECG storage & event review
  • Reanalysis: Post-test medians measurements from E, J and post-J point selections
  • ECG interpretation: (Optional) Marquette* 12SL resting ECG analysis program for adults and pediatrics
  • MUSE* systems compatible via SD card; network (optional)
  • MUSE Web compatible for retrieval view and printing of MUSE system data
  • Local storage: Minimum 40 GB hard drive storage of complete ECG record and test results
  • PDF export of final reports with auto naming protocols also from Microsoft Word and Excel
  • XML export of specified data
  • CASE network server with editing workstations
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, 64-bit
  • Display type: LCD (flat panel display) Display resolution
  • 1-year warranty is included


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